Family of Schools

The Benefits of being in a Family…

As a Family of Schools our teachers carry out Professional Enquiry research projects across all three schools.

The most successful education systems …invest in developing their teachers as reflective, accomplished and enquiring professionals who have the capacity to engage fully with the complexities of education and to be key actors in shaping and leading educational change. (Donaldson, 2011:4)

We also share professional development, with regular INSET training for all three schools together. This allows us to grow as a school.

It allows us to be a small school and yet THINK and BE big!

Our children share opportunities together that enhance their outlook on life, well-being and primary school experience.

We hold yearly inter school quizzes, our orchestras and choirs come together in a shared Christmas Service in Romsey Abbey, we hold athletics and sports matches within the three schools, our school councils meet together and the children visit the other schools and compare learning.

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