Why Choose Awbridge?

It is not so much a case of “What kind of child thrives at Awbridge” rather “How can we help every Awbridge child to thrive?” We are incredibly proud of the large number of former pupils who have achieved great success at senior school and beyond.

We are committed to equipping our children with the learning skills and love of learning that will provide them with an excellent foundation for their later education and indeed, life. Our world is ever-changing and we therefore aim to foster learners who are adaptive, creative, resilient and resourceful and able to take their place as citizens who can make a positive contribution to society. To do this we endeavour to create a curriculum that is inspiring and innovative while building on the best of strong traditions.

We are part of a family of schools in the local area. In 2010 we formed a Federation with Wellow and from September 2011 have had a formal collaboration with Halterworth Primary School in Romsey. The family is overseen by Executive Head Jo Cottrell NLE (A National Leader of Education). In her role as Executive Headteacher she is responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of the school.