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Further Curriculum Information:

Read our year by year Parent Guides to the National Curriculum:

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Please see Reading Guidance at Awbridge for information on how Reading is taught at Awbridge.

Click here for information about Read Write Inc Phonics

Awbridge Stage by Stage Learning Overview – Maths

Awbridge Stage by Stage Learning Overview – Reading

Awbridge Stage by Stage Learning Overview – Writing

Click here for our ‘Reading Guidance’. This document provides an overview of how reading is taught across our school. It also outlines our rationale for developing great readers who not only enjoy reading but have highly effective skills that enable them to access a wide range of texts.

Click here for our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ leaflet. Following on from research by the Institute of Education (IOE) 2013, children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers. This leaflet offers advice to parents on how to support their child in developing a love of reading.

Have you ever wished that you understood current Maths methods better? How your child is taught how to add, divide, subtract and multiply involves methods that may be very different from how parents were taught when they were in school. This can often cause confusion when trying to support your child at home.

The main methods used in each stage by the majority of pupils for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are shown. These methods are introduced throughout the teaching year so most pupils should be familiar with all methods by the end of the year. Each ‘Make yourself a maths star’ booklet also shows typical maths vocabulary that children will be acquiring and using at this stage. The multiplication section also explains which tables facts they are expected to know in that stage.




The complete Curriculum framework can be found on the Department for Education website